Malcom Gladwell said in his book Outliers, that it takes about 10,000 hours to become an expert. Textile designer and founder of Made of Cloth, Marta Sulocka, took that concept literally. Without any formal background in pattern design and textiles, she developed a passion for it and dedicated hundreds of hours to perfecting her skill. Testing various techniques, different materials and designs, she finally created a collection that fit her vision.

Based in her home studio in Essex, Vermont, Marta wasn’t always US-based. She grew up in Poland and moved to Vermont 8 years ago when she married her American husband. Marta sites her family as the basis for her creative curiosity: “I grew up in a creative house, with my grandma always creating — painting, sewing, knitting — and my parents owning a clothing company, so I guess it was inevitable I ended up with passion for printing fabrics.” Made of Cloth’s inception came about because Marta saw a gap in the market. “When we bought our house, I wanted to make the decor personal and unique but I couldn’t find any fabrics that would fit my aesthetic and were durable, without being made of artificial materials,” she explained.

A few years later, she founded Made of Cloth where she created a collection of fabrics by the yard, throw pillows and now tableware made of 100% of Belgian linen and screened by hand. In the pillows, all of the components such as the zippers and inserts are made in the US. What Made of Cloth is about is embracing the uniqueness of home decor that is handmade. It’s as Marta describes, “there is something magical in knowing that every inch of cloth used for ordinary, daily activities has been screen printed by hand by another human being.”