Movies and summer go hand in hand. The big, unserious, fun movies are released as “summer blockbusters” and in many of our favorite movies, the season is almost another cast member. So to honor the summer, here’s a little home and fashion inspiration from three of the best summer movies.

Whether you opt for the Lindsay Lohan version or the original, the camp vibes of The Parent Trap translate perfectly to your live room. A boho hanging plant and army-green textiles will set the indoor/outdoor vibe and these reusable picnic plates are a way better version of the paper plates we grew up with.

If you prefer bit of Old Hollywood glamour to roughing it, channel The Seven Year Itch and skip the natural water for a long bubble bath. A fan to beat the heat is 100% required, as is a bit of bling.

Of course, the most classic summer movie of all may have to have the season in its name. The Endless Summer, as in the pursuit of beach weather and the perfect wave year round, is achievable right in your living room as long as you select bright accessories like an orange lounge chair (for inside or out!) or a multicolored striped pillow.

See all three movies and the sources in the slideshow!