Fall may be here but it isn’t too late to add some greenery and life to your walls. This project was designed by Camille Simmons, the founder of Planning Pretty, a lifestyle blog showcasing home decor, entertaining tips, recipes and DIYs.

Most of the materials can be found at your local home improvement store. A rust proof, waterproof print like the acrylic photo blocks from Tiny Prints is perfect for this project. You can use your own family, travel photos or graphic designs for the blocks and really personalize your project to fit into your home.

Materials needed:
5”x7” Acrylic photo block, such as this one from Tiny Prints
Wooden box, shadow box or tray (You can use a wooden file boxes from the craft store with the lid removed) approx. 8”x11” and at least 3” deep)
Cactus soil
Choice of succulent plants
Spray paint in color of choice
Hardware cloth (aka chicken wire) with ½” squares holes
Wire cutters or strong scissors
Epoxy adhesive for plastics and metals
Chopstick or pencil
Picture hanging kit – should include screw hooks, hanging wire and wall hooks
Staple gun (optional)

How to:
1. Select spray paint in a preferred color and paint box. Allow the paint to dry at least overnight otherwise the soil will stick to box. Then install screw hooks into the back of box. Best placement is one third down from top of the box to support weight. Tie picture hanging wire to each hook securely.
2. Measure the hardware cloth to fit inside the wooden box. Add an inch on all four sides and cut with wire cutters. Hardware cloth is thin and will cut easily even with a strong pair of scissors or flower cutters. Cut slits in the corners of the cloth and fold up one inch around the edges.
3. Fill two-thirds with soil after triple checking that the box’s paint is completely dry. Set hardware cloth on top and check that it is cut to a proper size. Adjust edges until cloth fits snuggly then remove again.
4. Follow instructions for mixing epoxy glue and the place several dollops on back of acrylic photo block. Center block in the middle of the hardware cloth and press firmly. Add more epoxy if necessary. Allow to dry and cure for 24 hours.
5. Once block is secured to the hardware cloth place on top of dirt and adjust edges to fit tightly. If the cloth feels a little loose, use a staple gun to secure to box. Now you’re ready to add your plants!
6. Make holes in dirt with a pencil or chopstick. Smaller succulent plants will fit easily into the ½” holes. Carefully remove succulents from pots and clear excess dirt to reveal the roots. One by one place the plant into a hole. Use the pencil or chopstick to push dirt around plant and secure.
7. Water and check for any loose plants by carefully standing box upright. Pack in more dirt if roots don’t seem secure. Allow to sit for a few hours before hanging. Install picture hooks into your wall and remember to measure carefully.

Note: You can make as big or small a succulent frame as you wish. Just make sure the photo block will fit inside and leave enough room around the edges for plants. Also pay attention to the weight and purchase the correct picture hooks and wire. With the dirt, plants and photo block these can get heavy fast.