One of the biggest mistakes I see my friends and acquaintances make when it comes to decorating is incorporating the wrong lighting, or even worse, no lighting. It doesn’t matter if you have the most expensive glamorous apartment, with top of the line furniture, without that warm rich glow, you’ll have a less than inviting space.

So with that in mind, it goes without saying that I am a lighting fiend- I am strict about which types of bulbs to use (only incandescent 60w or lower!). In fact, when we were fixing up our new rental here in Rio de Janeiro, our handyman asked us if we wanted LED ceiling lights, I almost lost it a little. He seemed confused as to why I would prefer a bulb that would make my electricity bill slightly higher each month. If you have white walls like I do, nothing is more important in creating a warm and stylish space than the right lighting. And furthermore, this is the one place in design where companies have really pushed the boundaries in creating edgy designs. Here are a few of my absolute favorites that would look great in any home:

1. This piece is modern-art-meets-lighting at its finest. My living room is made up of white and warm wood tones (with quite a few pieces from Ikea), so a modern black chandelier like this one would instantly make the space look spectacular.
2. This pendant from Jayson Home is perfect for an entryway. I love the classic but simple shape that is reminiscent of the American industrial styles of the 1890s.
3. I prefer task lighting when it comes to floor lamps for their ability to warm up specific areas in a room. I love this lamp‘s black and brass details that make it look like it came straight from a Balmain runway show.
4. Shaded lamps allow light to flood in all directions. I recommend this table lamp from west elm for its organic materials and clear base. It can instantly add texture to a room full of neutrals.
5. I can’t get enough of Edison bulbs- I find the mix of antique and modern so appealing and the glow magnetic. If I could only ship this sconce to Brazil it would go perfectly on either side of my bed, where I have little room for bedside tables.
6. I love surprises in interior design: this table lamp will cast an interesting pattern when turned on because of the base’s gaps. Those types of small details add up to create a design that’s unique, interesting and most importantly elegant.