There’s often a disconnect between what you see in a magazine and what you feel you can reproduce in your own home. You are confident about your style and taste and have narrowed down the options, but then all of a sudden you hesitate. This has happened to the best of us when making decisions in our home’s decor. It’s happened to me several times when choosing chair options for my dining table, or sheets for my bed. You have so many ways you can go, but which final look do you want?

Bed styling is one of those things that you see in countless magazines, and even here on Rue, done so well and effortlessly that you hardly notice the details. Well, we’re going to break it down and offer four options of how to style a bed – pillow positions and all.

The patterned coverlet look: In this image, a patterned coverlet is the focal point of a room full of neutrals. This means that the rest of the styling has to be very simple and symmetrical. When choosing a low headboard, like this one, it’s a good idea to have the four pillows lie flat instead of vertically. This bed is also a good example of using three similar tones to balance each other out. The charcoal velvet pillows ground the white and tan.

The luxury hotel look: You’ll often see this style in bedding stores and, of course, in hotels. The look consists of a tucked coverlet and a folded duvet at the foot of the bed to give a sense of opulence. Bordered sheets, similar to those in our inspiration photo, serve as punctuation to a luxurious bed. And lastly, if you have a tall upholstered headboard, don’t forget to place your pillows vertically to break up the large surface area.

The casual look: If you are a fan of the down-town New York loft look that oozes casual luxury, then a simple linen duvet and plush pillows will do the trick. This style is for those who don’t want to spend more than one minute making their bed but still want to make it feel inviting. Linen bed sheets will only get softer with each wash and have a charming wrinkle to them that feels authentic and rustic. A flat sheet, duvet and four pillows is all you need to put this style of bed together.

The relaxed tailored look: If you aren’t up for the high maintenance luxury hotel look but also think that a linen duvet is too relaxed for you then a simple coverlet with large euro pillows will be the best option. It’s easy to make your bed – there’s no tucking or folding involved but, at the same time, gives off a streamlined feel since the coverlet has no wrinkles or plush fillings. To add a bit of opulence, invest in a couple high quality down-like euro pillows with luxurious covers.

With this advice and our inspiration gallery, we hope we’ve broken down your options to help you on your way to magazine quality bed styling. If you’ve got some other great styling tips, feel free to share them with us!