Every year when summer hits we make vows — this year we are going to get our summer wardrobes just right, invest in pieces that not not only keep us breezy but also look clean and stylish. Simple separates and a few classic dresses, we want to feel effortless chic. Similarly, our outdoor spaces are a little worse for wear and could use a little style cohesiveness. So naturally, we look to Emily Henderson’s backyard (featured in House Beautiful) for some inspiration. Not just because it’s a space that we would all love to claim but because what we were saying about the perfect summer outfit applies to outdoor decor in the same way. Here’s how:

1. A solid white foundation: there’s nothing like basics in crisp white that make for a great foundation. Time and time again, we return to white for our wardrobes and our home because it’s a color that works with everything.

2. Quality materials: elegance begins with great materials. For our outfit linens, cottons, silks and organza will be the biggest allies for a great wardrobe. Not only will they last you a few seasons, but they will be worth the investment. A simple linen dress or a pure cotton shirt can be easy staples for a sophisticated wardrobe. Similarly, when it comes to your outdoor spaces it’s easy to get caught up with outdoor appropriate fabrics but a linen blend throw, or hand dyed pillows can make your space feel more welcoming and comfortable. It takes just a bit more effort to bring those items in at the end of the day but the payoff is worth it.

3. No fuss elegance: what do a stack heel and a metallic stool have in common? Both are an elegant choice that lack fuss. With a stack heel you get the height that can be flattering without the discomfort of wobbly ankles. A metallic stool can act as secondary seating — to be moved around when necessary — as well as a place to put your drink. With the high temperatures and fun activities, summer outfits and decor should not just look good but also make your life easier.