A great pendant light is the red lipstick of a room. Sometimes it is just part of a room’s many design details, sometimes it is the the detail that makes a statement. While many associate chandeliers with dining rooms, we’ve collected an array of inspiration from early issues of Rue that show statement lights can work in any room.

When selecting your own pendant, think about how a statement light can be a bridge between different styles. For example, a chandelier doesn’t require a traditional room. We love the contrast of a vintage chandelier in this rustic west coast dining room. A similar pendant looks completely different in an eclectic Brooklyn brownstone. On the other hand, a modern light can update a more traditional space, such as Nicole Cohen’s bedroom where the dark colors and traditional lines are brought to life by a flash of brass. It’s all about making it your own!

Find your perfect statement light: 1. Coral Pendant // 2. Issac Chandelier // 3. Plaza Chandelier // 4. Hathaway Chandelier // 5. Satellite Pendant // 6. Superordinant Antler Pendant // 7. Glass Orb Chandelier // 8. Spica Cluster // 9. Bluff City Pendant // 10. Otis Surface Mounted Light

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