Few fashion and design trends overlap with success. Fashion has been known to be much more daring than interior design because it can be easily changed according to your mood; to do that with interiors would be both wasteful and expensive. But we’ve found one trend that translates well between both disciplines, bringing an exotic punch to your wardrobe and your home; Southwestern-inspired prints have been a bold yet stylish choice for some time now. We’re loving the versatility and excited to see the prints used in surprising ways.

When we saw this unique coat on Miroslava Duma, we were inspired – a chic way to bring personality and interest to your outfit is with a statement piece like this coat. It’s also practical, which isn’t always the case in fashion. We love how Miroslava mixes the bold coat with a suede bucket bag- a pairing that would look great in interiors, by the way. That said, we’ve found the perfect translation in this artist couple’s home: Carla Fletcher and Brett Langsford create a great focal point with this rug. With that in mind, here’s how the two relate:

1. Bold Southwestern print in earth tones – the most obvious one is the choice of a Southwestern print in neutral colors, which bring a sense of warmth to both the space and the outfit. Sometimes this print has been done in neon colors (which is also a great option) but if you want a more relaxed, sophisticated feel this should be your choice.

2. Rich materials – Miroslava added another layer of elegance by pairing her statement coat with a soft suede bag. Similarly this living room incorporates a stunning mid-century walnut sideboard to up the sophistication level.

3. Unexpected shapes – forget the round or square poof. For extra seating, opt for an interesting side table or stool that has an unusual shape. In the same way, Miroslava’s coat has two different forms: a streamlined fit at the top that then transforms into a skirt at the bottom.

To recreate this outfit into your space, here are a few pieces that’ll get you started:

Shop Rue: 1. Chair // 2. Rug // 3. Lamp // 4. Pillow // 5. Sideboard

EDITOR’S NOTE: We sincerely apologize for the original naming of this post. We did not mean to offend anyone, and are deeply sorry if we did.