A popular mantra in interior design is that colors can make your home a happier place. We’ve all seen the TV campaigns in the spring and summer advocating pops of color for your wardrobe and home. And we don’t deny that brightening up your life with some vibrant tones can make your outfit or your place look and feel reinvigorated. But sometimes a lot of color can come off as a little too whimsical and not sophisticated enough.

If fashion is any indication, brighter tones can be just as chic as beige or black. But the principals that apply in more neutral tones should stay true when working with color. Just because you are going for an orange armchair that will serve as an exciting jolt to your space, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go for a rich, high quality fabric. Are you someone that loves a modern earthy setting? You can still infuse color into your home by working with jewel toned oriental textiles such as kilims and ikat prints. The key is to always find a balance and to stick with color and texture combinations that are found in nature. Raw linens are a great way to tone down graphic pillows, metallics and unvarnished surfaces are essential to elevating the a design made up of a bold palette.

There’s no quick path to design success but if you follow these tips, your more likely to end up with something that pleases the eye and appeals over time.