Isn’t it incredible what a huge impact doors can have on your home? We always assumed it was an element that “came with the house” and didn’t put too much thought into the concept. That is until we saw a few images of gorgeous sliding doors in homes, from urban lofts to tiny bungalows. Turns out, updating a door will result in a major design moment.

In a search for different styles of sliding doors, we discovered Rustica Hardware, which was founded by a husband and wife team Kate and Paul Allen. The Utah-based company has humble roots – think sketches drawn on napkins and pizza boxes. Paul would bring the sketches to life in their shop (Grandma’s garage) while Kate focused on finding buyers and building out the website. They very quickly realized that sliding barn doors and hardware were in high demand, and 10 years later they are the industry leader. They’ve got two shops, one for metal and one for wood, and everything is made in the US. Each door can be customized pretty thoroughly, so you’re not getting a product that’s in every house on your street. What we love most about Rustica Hardware, however, is that they bring an artisan element to even the most utilitarian parts of your home.

We’re sharing a few of our favorite doors from Rustica’s collection in the slideshow. To prove that sliding doors aren’t just meant for barns, we’re highlighting three different styles: modern, rustic, and industrial. But we must mention… if those three styles don’t fit your aesthetic, Rustica has a customization option that will blow your socks off. You can submit a custom project, which allows you to draw any design and they’ll make it for you. If you can dream it, they can make it… with a pretty quick turnaround, too!