In our latest issue, we shared one of our favorite family homes that is all style and not even the least bit blah. With one of the coolest kids bedrooms we have ever seen – pretty much a retro Brit-pop style space for children – we knew that Robin Anderson’s home would be a big hit.

So if you love this space, how do you get the look? Follow these three steps to success… and maybe snag a few items from our slideshow for immediate results!

1. Robin’s home is made up of a variety of blue tones. She uses darker, more saturated hues for those pieces she wants to highlight (i.e. her gorgeous velvet sofa), and lighter neutral tones for her walls.

2. Speaking of the sofa, Robin mixes styles in a very subtle way. Her sofa is contemporary (the studs at the bottom and clean lines make it so), yet she also has strictly earthy modern pieces, such as her sideboard and leather lounge chair.

3. Go graphic at the right moments: throw pillows, rugs, and artwork serve as the perfect place for bold prints. We suggest going for more hand-made block print pillows to soften the strong lines of the geometric print.

Shop the Story: 1. Table // 2. Pillow // 3. Sconce // 4. Rug // 5. Bottle Stopper // 6. Sofa