In the language of good interior design, “custom framed” is a common term used. Now-a-days it’s all about having bold artwork that has just the perfect style frame to give it prominence in your home. But we know that most framers in our neighborhoods have one or two or both of the following issues: 1. Their style of frames can be dated back to 1982 – cheesy oversized gold frames and as well as a few in apple green and lavender (who on earth would choose that one!) grace its walls. No clean white, or black or wood gallery frames are to be found anywhere! 2. The prices are sky high – is it artwork that’s unique and deserves the investment or the framing itself? These two issues make custom framing inaccessible to many of us.

So now we’re here to solve your problems – Simply Framed is an online framing service that deals with these first two problems. Stylish and current? Check! Affordable? Check… their prices are 50% less than what you’d probably normally pay at your local framers. And what’s more, once they receive your artwork they have a turn around of 1-4 days. Finally, if you want to frame a 3D piece, a scarf, etc. they offer shadow box frames as well as floating options. The options are abundant but have been carefully curated to make sure that you are keeping up with contemporary home and modern gallery standards. Now that we’ve shared this awesome new resource, don’t forget to tag your Instagram posts with #homewithrue so that we can see how cool your newly framed artwork looks in your space!