Many of the questions we get about how to make a space work or feel homey can be solved by a bookshelf. When many of us don’t have the budget to make structural changes to our rooms, we have to rely on good decorating. Whether you are dealing with a large or small space, too many personal objects, or a strange pillar in the middle of a wall, this item can be just what you need.

Our inspiration gallery showcases three different ways that shelving can transform a space. Part of creating a successful room is to hide its imperfections and complications. Perhaps you have a studio that needs to operate as a living room and bedroom, or a large open plan space that feels like its seating areas are floating rather than anchored- in either situation dividing and conquering is the best solution. To ensure that your home doesn’t feel like a hotel room, there’s nothing more effective than a great collection of books and personal items displayed on clean shelving. In fact, some boutique hotels that wish to create more of an inviting feel, use this exact design feature. Take a look at our slideshow and share some of your best shelving tricks. The possibilities are endless.