Outdoor spaces, more than ever, are becoming part of the whole home’s interior design. There used to be limited options for outdoor furnishings, but now the variety and quality of options is better than ever, resulting in seamless indoor/outdoor living and the ability to showcase your unique style. When designing your outdoor space, don’t overlook one element crucial to keeping the party going late into the night- lighting!

We turned to the lighting experts, Hinkley Lighting, to offer their advice on what to keep in mind as you select your outdoor lighting. After all, they’ve been in the business since 1922!

Perhaps even more than for interior décor, consider the architectural style of your home, especially for street-facing lighting. That said, you don’t have to go for the perfect match- a modern sconce against a traditional home can be a striking option.

Think overhead. Patios, porches, and decks can all be enhanced by statement lighting, just like interior rooms. Hang a chandelier low over an outdoor dining table or a row of pendants above a lounge seating area, mirroring the way you would design inside.

Highlight the landscape. Use lighting to illuminate pathways and also to highlight unique features in your landscaping. Think of your lighting as providing a warm welcome to guests, not just at the front door, but also as an invitation to explore the outdoors.

Be eco kind. LEDs are perfect for outdoors where changing bulbs can be unwieldy and they come in a range of styles. Choosing LED lighting can decrease energy consumption without compromising style.

Hinkley has more tips for selecting your ideal outdoor lighting in their Landscape Lighting Made Simple Guide and you can see some of our favorites from Hinkley’s latest outdoor collection in action in the slideshow!