That charming bed-and-breakfast that you stayed in last year was certainly quaint and cozy, and parts of it you liked. But let’s be honest, that floral upholstery and needlepoint artwork isn’t exactly something you’d put in your own home. So how do you adopt a rustic look that is updated? Keep the whimsical details to a minimum, paint the walls an elegant shade (we’re big fans of Farrow & Ball’s edited color selection), and make sure that one main piece of furniture has clean lines. The kitchen (shown above) is a perfect example of rustic décor at its best: a vintage stove exudes countryside chic, while the open shelving, and molded cabinetry with simple hardware keep the overall design looking modern. If you are like us and enjoy a little bit of whimsy now and then, farm animal motif dishtowels can personalize the space. You can always change out small details if you get tired of them, but it is hard to reupholster a sofa or switch out wallpaper. The most important thing to remember when going for a rustic look is that it should be timeless- each piece should age well and never go out of style.