Contemporary farmhouse style has boomed in popularity: it’s about modern comforts meeting a slower, more idyllic lifestyle. Who wouldn’t subscribe to that these days? But more specifically, shaker design has been at the center of this new contemporary farmhouse style because of its classic lines that can be easily integrated into the homes of 2018. No brand achieves this look more successfully than the British kitchen brand, DeVol Kitchens. The founders, Philip deVries and Paul O’Leary, quickly understood that the market wanted authenticity through craftsmanship, and that classic English-style kitchens had that in spades.

Take The Henley on the Thames Kitchen, for example, it’s equal parts modern as it is rustic. Although a contemporary kitchen, the design fuses seamlessly in with the architecture of the home. Here’s how they achieved this so successfully:

Floors matter and they should be as natural as possible: the weathered limestone that they’ve included in this kitchen brings in an important dose of authenticity. Were they to opt for more modern, pristine flooring (such as tile or high gloss marble), the relaxed and historic feel of this space would be thrown off. The patina of this limestone flooring is slightly matte showing off the earthiness of the stone.

Gray is the perfect color for shaker cabinets: forget the all-white look. Having cabinets that contrast with both the walls and the white quartz countertops creates depth. Furthermore, rather than choosing a bold color that would take over the room, gray is an earthy and clean color that adds a warm backdrop for home cooking. Another tip to take away from this kitchen is that from the ground up, the tones get lighter and lighter making the overall space feel larger and airy.

Pay attention to details such as hardware: DeVol has used their handcrafted Pewter hardware in this kitchen. Although it seems like just a secondary detail, pulls and knobs can make or break a kitchen’s design, so take the time and budget to find options that have a crafted honed quality.

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