A good habit of those who are into design is to analyze the spaces of their idols. By observing, noticing and recreating it as though they themselves are giving us a lesson. Who better to do that than one of the US’ greatest designers, Nate Berkus. We chose the living room from his former, and slightly humbler townhouse (have you seen his home with Jeremiah Brent in Los Angeles?!) for it’s more relatable use of space and layout. Although this home is quite large, especially for New York standards, the room demonstrates a great lesson in how to incorporate a living room seating area with a dining table/desk. It also shows tremendous stylistic stride, with mixing all sorts of pieces from different eras and genres. Here’s how to get the look:

Stick to an earthy color palette: if you tend towards the maximalist side of the spectrum, it’s key to keep one variable as a control. In Nate’s example, his color palette is very neutral: white walls, brown, black, and gray decor only. He adds in doses of color but even then, they are in more subdued tones: an avocado colored pouf and faded red armchair. 

Opt for mostly clean lines with some ornate: if you know that you have an obsession for antique mirrors, chandeliers, etc. that are quite ornate in their shape and detail, then it’s crucial that you balance those pieces out with clean-lined shapes. That rule applies to traditional spaces as it does modern. Another thing to keep in mind is that it’s completely okay to mix metals if you are looking for an eclectic and collected look.

If you love pattern, you can’t go wrong with stripes: the graphic quality of a stripe will give you that impact that you are looking for, while the sophistication of it will ensure that you have a foundational piece that will go with pretty much anything. Don’t add more than two or three striped items in a room and make sure that they are of different weight and size. Nate, for example, has a reiteration of a stripe in the throw pillows on the sofa.

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