Friend of the mag, and celebrity interior designer for Decorist, Max Humphrey sure knows how to make his mark on a space. There’s nothing demure about the way he designs and frankly, we totally dig it. Max’s previous home, a 1927 former ketchup warehouse-turned-loft, demonstrates his design personality to a tee – an eclectic mix of periods and styles that exudes a rock n’ roll bravado. An oversized American flag, a checked Pendleton blanket, and an old record player are just a few elements that show that Max Humphrey’s point of view is pure Americana.

For those who love this bold mix of prints, colors, periods and styles, we’re breaking the look of this room down:

Repurpose something ordinary to make it extraordinary: maybe it’s an old photo of when your parents were hippies in the ’60s, maybe it’s a vintage flag, find something oversized and bold to create a visual focal point in the room. If you have a textured wall like Max does, you can just hang it up, but if you have a normal wall, it’s best to have it framed to give it prominence and intention.

There’s a place for utilitarian pieces: not every item in the room should be bold with lots of personality. Remember that pure utility can also be a way to make a statement. Max’s sofa and coffee table have clean-lines, a masculine profile and exude pure functionality. Serving as a simple and elegant foundation, they let the rest of the room do the talking. 

Stick to three colors, no more: when you are mixing patterns and styles you have to keep a couple of elements constant. Mixing in too many colors will create a dizzying sensation in the room. Max has kept the moments of bold color constrained with red, yellow, and touches of pink. All of the other tones of the room are very neutral: navy, gray, white and black.

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