Stripes, woven natural fibers, and shiplap – coastal design is timeless. As a significant style within interior design it has many iterations: it could tend toward the sleek and tropical in a Modern Miami style, or it could go traditional with a twist. Regardless of what side of the spectrum you gravitate towards, when it comes to coastal design it’s key that you avoid some of the tropes that can appear. We’ve all seen places that have over-the-top sea and sailing references in its decor – seashell prints, sailing knots, anchors… it’s as if the room wants to hit you over the head with the fact that its coastal-inspired.

This room from the Coastal Living Lighting Collection by Regina Andrew, is the perfect example of how to do a coastal-style living room with a transitional twist. Not quite traditional yet not quite modern, there are elements of both in this space all within the sphere of sea-inspired design. Here are three ways to get the look:

  1. A statement light fixture brings drama to the room: when it comes to coastal design, we often forget about the impact that a statement fixture can have. We’re so concerned about having it feel connected to its physical proximity to the sea that the go-to elements of great design can be left out. This Ombré Wood Bead Chandelier is the perfect piece to bring a bit of drama to your space. A twist on the conventional chandelier, its natural material and ombre color palette make it a more contemporary option.
  2. Keep the fabrics simple: stripes, solid natural materials like linen and cotton, and textured wovens will be your ally in ensuring that your home feels sophisticated and not too literal. The Siesta Key Sofa is a great foundational piece for its neutral palette and clean lines.
  3. Less is more: in terms of how to accessorize a coastal space it’s all about finding one or two spectacular pieces. Instead of placing shells everywhere, one stand-out piece, such as The Bimini Clam, will be all you need to bring the sea in without going overboard.

Check out our slideshow to find out how to shop the look!