This home of Barcelona native gallerist and art collector Miguel Alzueta has many intriguing characteristics. Featured in the book The Kinfolk Home, the juxtaposition of contrasting elements in this kitchen gives the space plenty of character. As a lover of modern design and contemporary art, he brings together elements that are both practical and reverent of the modernist period. Here are three ways to recreate this look.

  1. Sober mixed with the vivacious: the most immediately intriguing part of this kitchen is the mix of a sophisticated medium gray for the walls with a bright and cheerful peach in the oversized painting. It’s a great reminder that sober, or calm tones should be used as a foundation to help ground the vivacious touches added in the form of artwork or accessories (notice the Crayola style color combination of the Prouvé Chairs).
  2. Select design classics: classics are classics for a reason, they’ve withstood the test of time and will always look great in your home. We recommend splurging on the originals (although that can cost a pretty penny, a Prouvé chair can cost around $495), but if that’s out of your budget there are plenty of reproductions that will work just as well. The Serge Mouille Three-Arm Light in this kitchen is also a classic.
  3. There’s beauty in utility: whether it’s a simple geometric bookcase or stainless steel cabinetry, don’t be afraid of focusing on utility, there’s beauty there too. Putting utilitarian items, that have a clean design, front and center show confidence.

Check out our slideshow to get the look of Miguel’s kitchen.