The design firm DISC Interiors has been a Rue favorite for quite some time. We love taking a deep dive down an Instagram rabbit hole, perusing their photos of in-the-process projects. But this space in Los Feliz, Los Angeles is certainly complete and it strikes us in just the right way. Designers Kirsta Schrok and David John Dick of DISC transformed this 1920’s Spanish colonial home into a modern Mediterranean oasis. Their young clients wanted a space that had enough timeless style and quality to stand the test of time. We think it achieves that and beyond; here’s how to get the look:

  1. Start with simple yet well made foundational pieces: a gray bamboo silk area rug is a great investment as are the off-white sofas. They are both have a subtle texture and sheen that make them nuanced without being loud. The slightly blue toned rug adds a little bit of color without shouting it out.
  2. Find cutting-edge, boundary-breaking accessories: to keep simple and elegant pieces from feeling too “adult”, we recommend layering in edgy pieces like the curled sconces in the back or cast iron coffee table.
  3. Work with heights: often we do too much everywhere and anywhere. Work with different heights in your space, as the designers from DISC Interiors have here by adding in tall branches in a vase, a swing-arm wall sconce balancing out the windows opposite.

You can see more of the space in Est Magazine. Check out our slideshow to get the look of this Mediterranean modern living room.