We are big supporters of flea market finds (as evidenced here and here), but what happens when you find one that needs a little work?? For example, you find the chair you’ve been searching for your entire life… but the cushion is hideous. Or, you decide to redecorate and your favorite chair no longer fits in the space? Fear not- it only takes a few steps to make magic happen. We teamed up with Nicole Crowder, of custom upholstery shop Third+Grace, to share the 7 easy steps to reupholster an old chair. As Nicole showed us, it’s WAY easier than you may think:

Staple Gun + Staples
Paint Brush
Painter’s Tape
Adhesive spray (not pictured)

Foam or Cotton
½ yd fabric of your choice
Gold Paint (or paint color of your choice)
*These can all be found at any crafts or upholstery shop.

1. For color-dipped legs, tape off the legs of your chair about 2-3 inches from the bottom.

2. Paint the chair white and the tips of the legs in gold or color of your choice. I used a paint that acted as a primer as well. Allow each coat of paint to dry first before applying the next layer.

3. Take the wooden shape of your seat and cut a piece of foam to fit the shape. I used 2” foam purchased from Joann fabric because it would allow for a more cushioned seat.

4. Using your adhesive spray, glue the foam to the wood seat.

5. Cut a piece of Dacron the size and shape of your newly created seat. To be sure the dacron will completely cover the foam, cut about 1” extra around the seat.

6. Take your chosen fabric and, laying it pretty side facing down on the table, place your newly covered foam and Dacron seat on top with the wooden side up and foam side down. Cut your fabric 1” larger on each side so that you’ll have enough to wrap around the seat and staple to the back.

7. Once your fabric is attached, simply nail the finished seat to your chair and voila!

*EDITOR’S NOTE: Would you still rather DI-Buy than DIY? Check out Nicole’s custom upholstery shop, Third+Grace. You can also find Third+Grace on Twitter or Facebook