After my trip to Mexico City last year, I shared eight design shops I fell in love with. One of my favorites, Studio davidpompa, has been located in the hip neighborhood of Roma Norte in an early 20th century French-style building since 2013.

Recently they revamped the showroom into an exploration of their design inspiration, called “The Materials Space,” unveiling the origin of the materials that make up their products – from native Samán wood to talavera ceramic, which was introduced by the Spanish in the 1500s, to handwoven PVC which mixes a contemporary material with a traditional technique. The result, they state, “is a vivid tour of our products’ history and context.”

This mix of materials is at the heart of Studio davidpompa. Founder David Pompsa grew up in both Mexico and Austria and studied design in London, and says “pushing the boundaries of culture, product and material is essential when taking a new path to do something truly new.”

See Studio davidpompa’s The Material Space in the slideshow!