At Rue, we believe that design and fashion have guidelines, but for the right reasons they can be broken. Part of being an intuitively stylish person – what all aesthetes strive to be – is to take into account what the trends are while also following your own point of view. That’s why we’re focusing on all white. Traditionally, white is reserved for warmer weather because of its calming and cooling effects. Yes, that’s Color Theory 101: colors change the way we feel and perceive. So with that in mind, we believe that our winter blues could use the benefits of an all white space or outfit to help promote thought and peace of mind.

This Scandinavian style loft in the Czech Republic defies the concept that monochromatic white for a bedroom can feel “sterile,” like a hospital. On the contrary! With cozy textures and graphic elements, warmth abounds. Similarly, this outfit challenges the supremacy of our tendency to reach for all black for winter. Here’s how to make white on white work for you:

1. Reach for whites that don’t match. The rule of matching hues isn’t always best. In fact, not having the exact same tone of white keeps the composition interesting. But do try to keep them in the same temperature (i.e. all warm whites or all cool whites).

2. Use soft materials. Now’s the time to go for a heavy knit or faux-fur. The sheepskin pillows on the bed are the perfect element to bring that Scandi-style coziness to a monochromatic space. Similarly, a white knit sweater is the ultimate balance between modern and rustic, and creates a nice contrast to the slimmer fit skirt or pants you pair it with.

3. Add black for a punch. Okay, so a graphic element is necessary here. In the form of lighting, an architectural feature, or accessory – black brings out the best in white.

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