Get ready! We’ve got the scoop on a new home product you need to know, and it’s all about the internet. Think about it — there’s live-streaming, video chatting, fitness tracking, smart thermostats and security systems. These days, our homes are always using Wi-Fi in one way or another. Shouldn’t said Wi-Fi be reliable?

Plume is a home Wi-Fi system that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. Instead of a bulky router that stays put in one room of your house, Plume uses small, stylish pods that you plug into your outlets. The pods are small and surprisingly beautiful, and you can order one for each room in your house. The pods come in 3 stylish finishes — graphite, silver, or champagne. The pods evenly distribute Wi-Fi around your house, and they adapt in real-time to your home’s usage. Whether you’re catching up on work emails or streaming episode (after episode) of Chef’s Table, Plume learns your habits and prepares accordingly. For example, if your family gathers in the living room after dinner, Plume prepares to handle several devices in that area at that time. Plus, by installing multiple pods all over your home — you don’t have to worry about moving closer to the router when you experience a weak signal. Oh, and did we mention it’s pretty?? Plume is available for pre-order now.