Portola Paints and Glazes is known for its rich pigmented colors. The company was founded by brothers Jamie and Casey Davis in 1998 when their father Jim Davis, a high-end contractor in Los Angeles, imported lime wash from Europe for a project he was building. “He was struck by the power and beauty of the texture and colors, and from there we began working to create a line of unique specialty finishes.” Over time they’ve become equally known for their acrylic paints and colors, so we wanted to learn more from Jamie and Casey about how dark, moody colors can set the mood for a room.

“Dark paint can do so many things, it evokes emotion and can bring romance and a sense of mystery to a room. Color has a wonderful ability to transport you through multiple sensations and feelings.” The guys do have some words of advice for those considering a dark color.

“Consider painting dark colors in an Eggshell finish as opposed to Flat. Eggshell will reflect light and make the color pop a bit more.” And there is no need to be concerned about choosing a dark color at the start of spring. After all, the paint on your walls is intended to last much longer than one season. As the brothers point out, “Interior design is not the same as fashion. In all likelihood, you are not going to paint your house seasonally. However, you can bring in fun pops of color that represent the season. For instance, throw pillows and flowers are great ways to change it up regularly.”

Many people feel dark colors make a space feel smaller but that isn’t necessarily the case. The Davis brothers explain, “There are many factors that can make a space feel small or large, not just the wall color. Many feel that a dark color will actually make the space feel larger because the angles of the room are not as clear, much like painting the ceiling black in a theatre or restaurant – it feels almost endless. However, it is important to avoid a cluttered layout in a small space that is painted with dark colors to avoid a heavy look, as the flow of the room is very important. At the end of the day it all comes down to personal preference. If you are in love with the idea of a deep purple dining room, DO IT! And paint the ceiling while you’re at it.”