We’ve upped our game in our kitchens and we’ve become more thoughtful about our bedding, but it seems like the last place we think of showing off our style is the workspace. Lucy Lyle, formerly of Google (yep, she gets hard work!), sees the same problem – our day to day tools to meet our professional tasks are lack-luster, to say the least. That’s why she, along with the backing of some of the greatest investors in e-commerce (the founders of some of our go-to brands such as Casper, Trunk Club, Behance, Birchbox, and Venmo), founded Perch.

Starting today, you can shop Perch’s array of stylish and affordable office pieces – anything from desks, to lighting, to laptop cases, notebooks and pens! With just a little bit more love, attention, and style, their hope is to make your workspace a place that inspires you to be more creative and productive. We’re definitely on board, anything that will make long hours more enjoyable!