The tricky thing about decorating is that when it’s done well it seems so natural and effortless, when the reality is quite the opposite. For example, you may have walked into a number of spaces with incredible pendant lighting and felt that there couldn’t be any other option that would work as perfectly. However, when it comes to your own home, you’ve probably been back and forth over which fixture to choose and how to hang it. Much like any skill, the pros make it look easy. But the trick to get past your initial hesitation, is to gather your favorite inspiration and take a good look to see what makes the space work.

We’ve taken some of our best pendant lighting examples from our magazine. We’ve seen all sorts of jaw dropping spaces where every single piece is placed to perfection. But we’ve also seen some spaces where everything looked great, but the pendant lamp was hung awkwardly high, or was the wrong scale, throwing off the whole room. Take a look at our tips and hopefully your design story will be a complete success, not one with any “but”s.