Not all grays are created equal, we have to pay attention to the slight tonality that they have. Some dark grays are close to charcoal, which has a warmth to it, but some have shades of blue and teal, tending towards Payne’s Grey, the ultimate moody color.

Maybe it’s the sudden drop in temperature, or the realization that winter is coming and we’ll be spending more time indoors, but we’re are feeling the darker tones this November. Sure, you can head in the direction of injecting happy colors like lemon yellow and vermillion, but we prefer to embrace the moodiness and go for a Payne’s Grey. There’s something nice in letting go of the vibrance and energy of the warmer months and embracing a cool shade for the walls and decor that will make curling up on a comfy sofa that much more enjoyable. It also has the added benefit of bringing sophistication to your bedroom or living room. Just remember to have the enough soft lighting (preferably in table and floor lamps) so that when night time comes, you can turn it into an alluring jewel box.

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