We’re in that pre-NYE slump and are starting to think about the new year. What will we do differently? How will we make positive changes to our lifestyle that will make us genuinely happy? Sure, the fun and excess of the holidays are exciting but it’s not sustainable. So in that vein, we’re thinking of scaling back and cleansing our palette in all respects. The first step? A close look at our homes.

We’re advocates of spending the last few days of the year de-cluttering and planning changes that will bring calm and inspiration for 2015. After all, interiors can truly impact your emotional state. Whether it’s painting a new neutral in our living room, finding that perfect piece of artwork to bring a dose of positivity to our space, or getting a little organization-obsessed in our kitchens – small changes can make a big difference.

We’re sharing three inspirational spaces from our magazine that show a well styled yet scaled back approach. To get your home to a place that will make you happy, begin with organization and continue with re-thinking your design choices. Is there another wall color you’d prefer? Is there a better way to arrange your furniture? When it comes to decluttering follow these guidelines – is it meaningful, stylish, or useful? If it doesn’t fit those categories, then it would probably be best to get rid of it.

With just a few days left until 2015, let’s make sure that the only hangover we could encounter on the 1st is from a great night out with friends, not the clutter from a whole year’s worth of organizational neglect.