Beach style is all about keeping it simple, stripping life of the unnecessary both in terms of lifestyle and design. We think that this concept can be applied even beyond the sand and water, wherever you are — city, suburb, or countryside — to get the most out of these summer months. In fashion, it’s all about the flowy white dresses these days. We love the simplicity of Sam Riles‘ outfit. Fresh but put together, it feels like a solid summer staple that can be worn again and again.

In that vein, we thought that all of this classic combination of stark white with a touch of warm brown and tropical plants would make for a beautiful room. Low and behold we discovered wellness expert Daphne Javitch’s New York Apartment, and it fit the description perfectly. Clean, natural materials mixed with wood recreates a similar aesthetic to Sam’s outfit. Just add a banana leaf or a fiddle leaf fig tree to give it extra dimension.