As designers look to the past to take in new inspiration, this fall, both in aesthetic forms and color palettes, the seventies are making a comeback. At the forefront of this renewed fascination with this decade’s style, is a color profile that includes mustard — a tone that is not quite a bold hue nor a complete neutral. We loved this room by Australia’s Templeton Architecture for pairing rich, velvet mustard womb chairs (another modern classic) with deep shades of blue. It’s a color combination that isn’t jarring yet still feels fresh. Naturally, as trends go, it’s a pairing that doesn’t just works for interiors; in Elle Magazine‘s round-up of the best looks from New York Fashion week, we found this striking casual outfit, that has the same aesthetic characteristics.

What was once a phase in fashion when personal style meant mismatching whatever is in one’s closet, has now become (we hope!) a new era of both taking risks while also maintaining a base of classic good taste. French model and actress, Aymeline Valade, who’s outfit we’re highlighting here, demonstrates a good example of that– jeans, classic sweater, a melange gray cashmere scarf, and a wool overcoat; only in this case, it’s in a shade of a bold mustard brown. Her outfit, just like the room remind us that no matter what decade is inspiring us aesthetically, we should stick to the core principles of good design while investing in one or two bolder items that perhaps feel more on trend.