Today, we’re serving up a purely Australian “Outfit to Room” pairing with this stunning space by Arent & Pyke and this chic and simple outfit from Sara Crampton of Harper and Harley. Usually known for their casual style, our Aussie friends are showing us their more elegant side, proving the point that we should be paying close attention to Australian design. At the heart of this pairing is the question of how to master that perfect balance of sophistication and minimalism. In reality, it’s much harder than it looks. Here’s how these two achieved it:

  1. If there’s less, that means that what’s there must be perfection: If you are combining just a few elements to create either an outfit or a room it’s important, then, to pay attention to quality. The dress, although loose must fit properly in all the right places (no straps falling off he shoulder). In Arent & Pyke’s project, they opted for ebonized solid hardwood flooring, mohair, marble, and professionally applied plaster. Each object in the room is a stand-alone piece, with its own elegant design.
  2. Choose the right “black”: We’ve been taught that colors are homogenous. Black is black, white is white. But the reality is that even black, like its white counterpart has different tonality – it can have blue undertones, green undertones, warm undertones. The ebonized floor just like the armchair has tends towards blue giving the space depth.
  3. Let white highlight form: The beauty of white, whether it’s in an outfit or in design, is that it allows us to focus on shape, volume, and shadow. By taking away other distractions (pattern and color), we are able to highlight a piece’s construction: that’s when the good tailoring of a jacket or the elegant form a hearth is able to take center-stage.