Summer is the season of earthy organic materials. It’s a lesson that we easily learn when on a smoldering day synthetic materials are worn, making us soon realize our regrettable decision. Both in our homes and in our wardrobe, it’s important to opt for linens and cottons, breathable and sustainable materials to keep everything fresh and light. No place embraces this more than the Mediterranean.

Livia Auer‘s beige and white outfit uses the same principles as this kitchen from Zara Home‘s newest campaign. When in doubt, simplicity is timeless.

  1. A beige earthy canvas to tone down the modern: to balance out the more modern, trendier pieces, opting for linen (in clothing) or limewash (for interiors) brings down the overall sleekness.
  2. Keep it loose and casual: the styling of this kitchen just like Livia’s styling of her classic jacket and trouser look is all about keeping it casual. Not too many perfectly stacked items that perfectly match. Create a visual story of items with a similar color palette, they don’t all have to look the same. Dress a trouser down with a t-shirt and sandals.
  3. And in quirky pieces: Livia’s round-framed sunglasses have an unexpected profile, giving her look personality. Similarly, this kitchen includes non-functional pieces like artwork and sculpture to give the space character.