Both fashion and interiors are a reflection of ourselves. As celebrity designer Nate Berkus puts it, “it’s important to take the time to really get to know your personal style, to create an interior that is deeply personal.” Using similar principles, what we wear and how we decorate communicates to both ourselves and to others who we are. Fashion sometimes takes bigger leaps of faith when it comes to new silhouettes, fabrics, and patterns, but ultimately great “style” isn’t about following trends but finding quality core pieces that speak to you over time.No brand is able to deliver that to you more completely than Garnet Hill. Offering pieces for both your home and your wardrobe that will become lifelong staples, their designs are rooted in the details. Take their Cashmere Collection, for example. Made by with the softest fibers from Kashmir goats in Mongolia, it is then linked by hand at a maker that sells to select high-end clothiers in Europe… and to one United States retailer: Garnet Hill. Their bedding also follows a similar penchant for detail – mitered corners, natural materials, and artistic patterns.

We’re here to play a round of #OutfitToRoom to show that whether you’re looking for your next go-to sweater or a new quilt to liven up your guest room, their concepts of quality and style are woven throughout.