There is one thing that wallpaper and fashion prints have in common: they are typically considered a key component to maximalism. Rarely, in a paired-down outfit or space, do we see either of these two things coming into play. Today, though, we’re showcasing both a look and workspace that demonstrate that it is possible that “pattern”, “elegance”, and “paired-down” can all function harmoniously.

This month’s “Outfit to Room” – featuring Jean Wang from Extra Petite and Mwai – demonstrates just how this is achieved, where fashion and interior design operate in similar ways:

  1. Sophisticated Prints: Not all wallpapers and fashion prints are equal. When looking to create a sophisticated look it’s all about finding options that are detailed and nuanced. While this wallpapered closet is anything but subtle, it does feature a hand-painted chinoiserie mural that exudes luxury. When choosing something that will cover such a large visual area, it’s important to assign a good amount of the budget to it. Similarly, Jean’s skirt as an animal print that isn’t too literal – it’s somewhere between snakeskin and leopard. The key ingredient is that it is made up of several neutral shades, with a punch of black that create subtly and nuance.
  2. Contemporary & Structured: While the skirt and the wallpaper lean traditional, the other elements in both the outfit and the room are contemporary. There’s a structured quality to Jean’s leather jacket that brings an edge to her look. Similarly, the angular millwork of this office by Mwai ultimately gives the room a contemporary foundation.
  3. A Dose of Softness: In all aesthetic disciplines, curves are considered a feminine characteristic. When there’s a masculine angularity involved, adding a rounded element creates a balance – i.e. the rounded ottoman in the office or the pebbled leather shoulder bag.