Khaki is a term rarely associated with sophistication, elegance, and style. It conjures up images of our fathers, our teachers… none of which tend not to pay attention to the sartorial. Even in interiors, khaki is often substituted for grays, beiges, and off-whites. If Julia Sarr-Jamois is any indication – and she should be, she’s the Fashion Editor at Large for British Vogue – khaki is in. Similarly, Fredrik Karlsson has turned this color and material on its head, making it a slightly more masculine neutral than those aforementioned. But that’s not the only way in which this room and this outfit have something in common. Here are three ways that they operate similarly:

  1. Play with Volume: Julia’s pleated khaki pants are oversized, taking a traditional piece and turning it on its head. This unexpected characteristic along with a tight gray tee makes it visually interesting. In the same way, Fredrik’s sofa plays with geometric volumes, as if composed by several blocks.
  2. Honey-toned Accessories: Whether it’s Julia’s large amber sunglasses or Fredrik’s walnut milking stool, warm brown tones work well to compliment the green undertone of khaki.
  3. A Hint of Elegance: Julia knows that with such oversized pants, that her shoes need to elongate her figure and play off the masculinity of the rest of the outfit. A pair of white stilettos do the trick. In this room, a vintage white mid-century floor lamp by J. T. Kalmar brings an elegant touch to an otherwise Brutalist selection of furniture.