It’s a universal truth that Mondays stink. (Sorry Monday. But you do.) However, next Monday, July 27th? That will be a very good day. A great day, in fact, because the style mavens of Glitter Guide and Lulu & Georgia have joined forces to create one beautiful rug.

As the Glitter Guide team explains, “we wanted our rug to be a reflection of our style: fun, versatile and pretty (without being overly feminine).” The end result is the Elodie rug, named after the daughter of Glitter Guide founder, Taylor Sterling. The bold pattern includes Glitter Guide’s signature mint green, plenty of pink and gold, and just the right amount of navy. We love how it brightens any room, and are currently brainstorming ways to incorporate the piece into Rue HQ! (PS… How cute is it in photographer Debarr Moradi’s dining room?)

So, we suggest you set an alert for Monday morning and get that mood board ready. This rug will be a sunny addition to any home and is the perfect way to refresh your space this summer!