This year, we kicked things off with our annual Color Issue – 134 pages of Rue dedicated to all things bright & vivid. It’s always one of our favorite issues to produce, and we find ourselves endlessly inspired while looking to interiors that use color thoughtfully. As the calendar turned from February to March, we realized that we shouldn’t be calling out color once every twelve months. We should be celebrating it often! Luckily, it would seem that our friends at Loloi Rugs feel the same way. We found 5 gorgeous Loloi rugs that showcase how to do color right. Whether it’s a super-saturated rug that incorporates every color of the rainbow, or a more monochromatic rug that relies on one statement hue, there is something for every home and aesthetic. Click through the slideshow to see our top picks and check out our favorite places to shop Loloi online, here and here!