At some point or another, we’ve all experienced the challenge of decorating a small space. This is something of an ongoing passionate discussion amongst apartment dwellers, where tricks and solutions are shared avidly. But what we don’t realize is that our dream of a wide open space can also have its design qualms – how to make a spacious room feel filled up and decorated is a lot more complicated than we originally assume.

Sure a large living room is something we all want, especially with high ceilings but we also don’t want our furniture to float in the middle of the room or for there to be little visual impact. Our key to all large space issues is to create small little rooms within the larger one. To illustrate the point here are three creeds we live by:

  • Do us ‘small space owners’ a favor and have plenty of seating. Yes, it’s ok to have two sofas, or several arm chairs. For those of us who don’t have that spacial luxury, take advantage. Find the right balance between organized living settings (sofa for TV lounging here, conversation nook there) and a little bit of chaos (settee, sofa, armchair, dining chair, bench: all are welcome and they don’t necessarily have to be in pairs).
  • Rugs can help anchor living spaces. To keep furniture from looking like untethered boats in the ocean of beautiful hardwood floors, use large area rugs for each “small room” within the space.
  • Re-think the classic ‘sofa-against-the-wall’ design scheme. Sometimes it’s best to divide a room by placing the sofa in the middle. Again this will help with the concept of ‘small spaces’ within the larger space.

Hopefully with these basic concepts, you’ll feel confident enough to make bolder choices in your large space. Don’t forget that for any designer’s block situation, a look through our archives can help inspire your next move.