This year, tile is making a huge comeback. In the ’70s and ’80s, chartreuse and mauve toned tiles were a household staple – just take a look at movies like Sixteen Candles if you want to know what we are talking about. Then, just a few years ago, graphic rugs were all the rage thanks to textile designers like Madeline Weinrib. Now, a new style of graphic flooring is gaining traction: Mediterranean cement tile. It’s even breaking into the fashion world! We loved Nanette Lepore‘s citrusy, youthful looks for her Spring 2015 RTW collection, and knew that if the fashion designers are doing it too, it must be a look that is here to stay. This Barcelona apartment by Adrian Elizalde is testament to how Spanish cement tiles can transform an all white and wood space into a beautiful Mediterranean-esque home.

Here’s how this runway look translates into a room:

1. An old fashioned pattern in a youthful way. These cement tiles were actually found under other plain terracota tiles. With just a bit of restoration, they look like they were installed just yesterday. Similarly, Nanette Lepore has taken a traditional Mediterranean pattern and given it an updated look by applying it to a clean lined silk pant.

2. Airy complementing materials. When you are working with a bold pattern, it’s smart to pair it with simple materials and tones. Designer Adrian Elizalde included unvarnished wood and white walls to give a fresh feel to this Spanish apartment. Similarly, a light cotton top and open toed sandals evoke that summertime feel that Nanette Lepore was going for.

3. Mediterranean colors. Like the natural surroundings of the Spanish coast, lemon yellow and turquoise work well together, both for fashion and for the home.

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