You don’t have to be a lady who lunches, or someone who gushes at the site of watercolored floral upholstery to appreciate classic, traditional design. We can all appreciate a bit of old world charm no matter what our core design style is. Even at Rue, our most modern leaning editors can’t help themselves when it comes to certain quintessential components of classic design such as herringbone, parquet floors, and prism chandeliers. All great spaces have something borrowed or inspired by previous centuries. Just like a quilted Chanel bag, great design never goes out of style, and with the right pairings, can look completely contemporary.

You can go full-on antique style, if you are an avid collector of vintage pieces, but we suggest learning to use traditional pieces with just enough restraint and style. It’s important never to buy all of your furniture from one place (you don’t want your home to look like a showroom or catalog!), but it’s also important to know how to bring classic pieces into your home. We’ve given you four of our best tips to add a little old world charm to your space, including the idea that you don’t necessarily have to opt for an old dusty piece that may break within the week or cause your allergies to act up- there are plenty of stores that offer vintage looking items at a reasonable cost. Our absolute favorite is Restoration Hardware– you can find the most incredible antique inspired pieces at very reasonable prices for quality. Layla Grayce is another resource for classic, neoclassical pieces that have been reproduced from the original.

Our best advice that works throughout all types of design questions is that contrast is key- if you have fallen in love with an ornate sofa, choose a simple coffee table to put in front of it. Opposites always work well with each other: curved with straight, velvet with silk, matte with shiny, and so on. Too much of even the best thing (yes, oversized chandeliers we are talking about you!) can be a bad thing. Old world charm is about finding beautifully classic pieces that feel like they have been in that perfect spot for years.