Each fall, our televisions flood with advertisements selling “Back to School” essentials. When I was in grade school, this was by far my favorite time of year. I’d pick out a color palette for supplies (usually pink or turquoise) and choose all of the corresponding accessories- binders, notebooks, pens, folders… the list goes on and on. I even took took this technique right with me to college which, in hindsight, may have been a little dorky for Psychology 101.

Now that I have a home office, I still feel the seasonal pull for new office accessories. And anyone who has met me (or seen my closet) knows that organization is key in my life. I have stacks of notebooks for various to-do lists and color coded Post Its. Since I can’t go “back to school” shopping anymore, I’ve put together a small wish list for even more office organization:

1. My files always get worn out after a few years. These folders from Paper Source are an aesthetic upgrade and great way to sort important documents.
2. Organization doesn’t have to be sterile! I love these copper pencil cups from Ferm Living. They’re a stylish way to store my highlighters and paperclips!
3. Even though I work primarily on the computer, I actually use tape a lot. I hate boring clear tape, so this hot pink masking tape + concrete dispenser from CB2 are a dream come true.
4. It’s easy for me to get carried away with all metallic accessories. I love adding a few rustic elements back into my design from time to time. CB2’s walnut table lamp is a favorite!!
5. It’s true- I color coordinate almost everything. These bright tabs will help me keep track of various projects!
6. A gold stapler is seriously fabulous. Glamorous yet functional- ideal for an inspiring office space!!
7. I am guilty of having multiple to-do lists at once. This chic clipboard will help me keep them all in one place.

What are your favorite products for staying organized at the office?