We’ve shared the home of Michele Dopp, the founder and designer of Fabric & Steel, on Rue Daily in the past and even took a look inside her studio in our June 2015 issue. Needless to say, we’re fans of her architecturally inspired fabrics. So when we saw her two newest collections, we had to share.

We spoke to Michelle about the inspiration behind of them, the “Forms” collection, which is made up of four patterns – Thread, Grid, Beam and Surface. Michele explains, “The Forms collection is meant to express the elements that make up larger objects – structure beneath structure. Thread, Grid, Beam and Surface emphasize the beauty and necessity of fabric, steel, wood and stone. I intended the designs to work together as discourse in how spatial experience and movement are shaped and layered by a variety of materials and constructions.”

Forms builds on Fabric & Steel’s earlier designs, continuing Michele’s exploration into movement and design but with a bolder edge. She says, “There is more restraint in my other collections and I wanted to create something a little wilder, but something that’s still compatible.”

Like all of the company’s fabrics, Forms was designed in Fabric & Steel’s Brooklyn studio and screen-printed by hand in Rhode Island. Michele selected 100% linen for the way it drapes and rumples, and because it gets better with age.

See selections from the Forms collection as well as Fabric & Steel’s Nostalgic collection in the slideshow!