Great interior design is all about the details, and for Nest Studio founder Jessica Davis, the details were always her favorite part during her years as an interior designer for a firm that designed hotels and resorts. “We did a lot of custom product from lighting to faucetry to furniture. I always enjoyed this part of the process. In designing and specifying furniture and built-ins, hardware always seemed like a challenge – there wasn’t much cool stuff out there that already existed so I thought I’d try my hand designing my own line.” Collaborating with a friend who manufactures lighting, Jessica made prototypes that she shared on her blog and suddenly she was getting requests to purchase. The timing was perfect as Jessica and her family were moving back to the East Coast and she had an 8 month baby, so she decided to invest in a production run and bring her vision to life.

Nest Studio is available through showrooms and also sells direct to consumer online. We sat down with Jessica to learn more about the new collection. See some of Jessica’s designs installed in homes in the slideshow!

How has Nest evolved over the last five years?
I started as a one woman show, fulfilling orders out of my basement studio when my son was napping and even having my husband lend a hand at night in front of the TV. We have since grown to a firm of six moms who do everything from product development, to showroom outreach and sales to quality control, packing and shipping. We now have almost 40 showrooms in the US, Canada and Internationally that carry our product and have expanded beyond our original two series to six lines in total and more to come.

What inspired your newest collection?
I’m always inspired by the world around me and the constraints of how things can be manufactured. Step is very architectural and Art Deco inspired, mimicking the geometric lines of pre-Columbian pyramids. We are also experimenting with leather wrapping and with a reed wrap where we are collaborating with Iliahi Anthony of Ku and Moe in Hawaii. We love to work with other people who are pushing the boundaries of their craft. Along with our collaboration with Ku and Moe, we are launching the Glaze series in the next few months, which is a collaboration with New York ceramic artist Jonathan Castro. We can’t wait to show off his beautiful glazes and textures combined with our metal work.

What has been most satisfying for you in building Nest Studio?
The ability to help other moms. I’ve realized that there are so many over-qualified women in our communities that have left the workforce to raise their children and would love to contribute something. But it’s so tough to find something that is flexible, local and fun. My team of moms is so talented and motivated and it’s been so amazing working with them and having them contribute to our growing business. We also recently launched an internship program with YCS (Youth Consultation Services) out of Newark where we offer a paid internship to an in-need new mom. We’ve loved having some younger blood with us and it’s been so gratifying to help prepare someone both for motherhood and for entering the workforce.