In this day and age, something handwoven, or ethically made is somewhat of a luxury, something that we don’t normally expect. As much as we may desire for our products to be produced from positive conditions, it sometimes means that our options are limited, either by style or by price. When we came across the South African textile brand Mungo, we instantly fell in love, and the fact that their gorgeous towels were locally and ethically produced just sealed the deal.

Made on antique looms from natural fibers, the Itawuli towels are the perfect towel for bath, pool or beach. They stand out with their geometric designs and rich colors, referenced from their African heritage. Unbelievably soft and light weight, the best part about them is that they won’t take up much space in your linen closet or in your bag on an excursion out. As much as we love these towels, we’re equally smitten by Mungo’s bedding collection, kitchen towels and pillows. It really is just feeding into our wanderlust and reinforcing our suspicion that South Africa is a powerhouse for interior design. But don’t worry, to score the Ituwali towel or one of their gorgeous striped pillows, you don’t have to book a flight to Capetown, they ship world wide!