Anyone who has gone furniture shopping, whether in store or online, has probably wished at some point that they could just “borrow” the piece to see how it would work in their home. Whether it’s on a website or in a store, what you see in front of you can sometimes translate badly into your own space. That’s why Modsy is so genius. There have been plenty of digital design tools that have tried to make it easy for us non-CAD users to create 3D versions of our spaces, but none have done it successfully, until now.

Modsy is an online service that allows you to “try on” furniture and accessories in your own space. With their design package, you just have to take a few snaps of your space, send it to them and they will digitally construct it along with the pieces of furniture you selected. And if that Room & Board lamp you chose doesn’t quite work the way you thought, you can switch it out with many other options. This isn’t just a lifesaver (or a relationship saver…) it brings back the excitement and enjoyment of buying furniture for your home. So the next time you are spending the weekend wondering if that rug is the right size for your space, take our advice and head to Modsy to see exactly how it will look.

We’ve even tried it out for ourselves. With this apartment by Joanna Laven as inspiration, we created a Scandinavian Eclectic style mood-board that was later translated into a room. See how these three spaces look!

For Rue readers exclusively, Modsy is offering $20 off its design package with the code: RUEXMODSY.


Rue Magazine Collection from Modsy on Vimeo.