Initially, you might think that placing a bed in front of a window is a major design faux pas. While typically, we’d agree that it’s not entirely feng shui… some spaces don’t leave you with any other options. That’s why we were so smitten when we saw this calming guest bedroom in our October 2014 issue.

Designed by Rosa Beltran, the tiny bedroom benefits from an unexpected layout by placing the bed directly in front of the window. To soften the look, Rosa hung sheer curtain panels. The room still gets soaked in natural light during the day yet maintains a bit of privacy… and camouflages what would be the harsh transition between headboard and glass (or worse… heavy blinds). In addition to being totally feminine and romantic, it’s a total space saver – always a win in our book!

Image originally appeared as part of our October 2014 issue here.