There’s nothing more exciting or promising than moving in with your significant other or buying your first home. The possibilities seem endless, leaving you to wonder what the two of you will bring to the new space you share. But if you are like us, the excitement soon wears off and reality sets in- you now have to figure out how to combine both his furniture and your own, or maybe you are starting from scratch and are deciding on a whole new design scheme. Decorating might be your thing but you also want to avoid a situation where your beautifully feminine decor gets ruined by his one massive recliner chair.

The key is to design something from its foundation that appeals to both of you, so that you might be able to get rid of the recliner and find a more suitable pair of club chairs. Although you can mix masculine and feminine, modern and traditional, the important thing is the make sure that the pieces feel like they belong together and are intentional. If your heart is set on a mirrored console with a vase of delicately arranged flowers, and he’s insistent on turning your living room into a cigar lounge, don’t despair, we have a few sources of inspiration and tips to help you merge the two.