Macramé, or the art of making a textile using knots, first gained popularity in the design world in the 1970s. However, its origins date back much further! Sailors used the craft – embellishing things like bottles or knife handles. Dinner parties in the late 1800s almost always included table linens with the adornment. And, if you go back even further, there’s proof of the technique in Babylonian carvings. (Whoa!) These days, macramé is making a major comeback – and can add charm to even the most modern homes.

Fashionista Jenny Kaplan used a custom macramé piece to make a statement above her bed. This works well since the weaving is the length of the headboard, and the natural color of the cord stands out against the inky blue wall. We especially like this for the bedroom. It’s not always a great idea to hang a heavy art piece or  sculpture above your pillows – especially if you live along a fault line! If you want something smaller, add a macramé wall hanging to your living room’s gallery wall for dimension, or hang one above an entry table. You can find hundreds of beautiful options on Etsy and even at shops like Anthropologie.

Tell us – where would you hang macramé in your home?

Image originally appeared as part of At Home With Jenny Kaplan.